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The pheromones entrapped in PheroStrong Fragrance Free are a unique composition, which is almost magical. They influence the way others perceive us. They can become a sexual lure, an attribute of attractiveness, they convey positive information about us.


The answer to the dream of a substance that would make us so attractive that nobody could say no to us can be found in the book „Human Pheromones” (Polish title: „Feromony człowieka”) by Leszek Konopski and Michael Koberda (Wydawnictwo Naukowe Scholar - „Scholar” Publishing House). It was discovered how pheromones influence our body as well as emotions and that the organ responsible for pheromone reception is the vomeronosal organ (VNO).


„Love drugs” have recently become more appreciated and used to increase erotic attractiveness.


Pheromones are substances secreted and received by members of the same species which evoke a specific reaction, in the case of sex pheromones – a sexual one.


Their characteristic feature is odourlessness.


They are produced in the skin [eccrine gland in the entire skin, apocrine glands – mostly under the armpits, the groin, some external parts of the genitalia, anus and mouth] as well as in some secretions [sperm, vaginal discharge, saliva].

Androstenol, Androstenone, Androstadienone, Estratetraenol, Copulines – these are the pheromones, which have a huge influence on partner selection.

PheroStrong Fragrance Free Concentrate have no smell of their own. The organ responsible for receiving them is the vomeronosal organ, which is located in the nasal cavity. Experiments show that impulses travel from here directly to the hipothalamus, which is the part of brain responsible for emotions and unconscious reactions.

The influence of the pheromones inside PheroStrong Fragrance Free Concentrate is to a large extent based in our subconsciousness.

Pheromones send signals that we are sexually ready, which makes us more attractive to the people around us.

Pheromones intensify sexual experiences. Under their influence, the partners experience utmost ecstasy.
The effects of pheromones can be compared to those experienced after eating a piece of chocolate or drnking aglass of good wine. The body produces more endorphines – the happines hormones.
Pheromones can also improve communication in all other fields of life – from the intimate sphere, to success at work, fun or relationships at home.
These compounds help you make an unforgettable impression on the people you meet. They increase the level of trust.

Research has shown that male pheromones decrease emotional tension in women and prolong the state of relaxation and even regulate the ovulation cycle. They send signals about sexual readiness.

Research on pheromones proved how important kissing is. During a kiss, our noses, where the vomeronosal organ is located, subtly touch.

To boost the effects of PheroStrong Concentrate Fragrance Free, use a few drops in places where the body produces the most heat: behind your ears, inside your elbows, on your wrists. You can also add a few drops to a bottle of your favourite perfume.

When a man smells the pheromones you used he subconsciously starts to associate them with you – especially if you also use your own perfume. The level of his attachment to you increases. You become more attractive to him. He subconsciously focuses his attention on you.

Thanks to advanced technologies and scientists’ work, synthetic pheromones have been obtained. Their structure is the same as that of natural ones, so they work identically.

Check if the pheromones hidden in the PheroStrong compositions will help you incite desire among the members of the oposite sex so that you can elecrify the senses and satisfy your wants and lust uninhibitedly, win the trust and kindness of the people you encounter, achieve professional success, increase work efficiency, enjoy the respect and recognition of those around you – be SUCCESSFUL.
Bezzapachowy Koncentrat Feromonów dla kobiet na podniecenie mężczyzn
PheroStrong Fragrance Free Concentrate for Women 7,5ml
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Bezzapachowy Koncentrat Feromonów dla mężczyzn na podniecenie kobiet
PheroStrong Fragrance Free Concentrate for Men 7,5ml
cena: 99,00 zł
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